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Advantaged Business Mode

  • We Have the Best Elements of a Manufacturer

    Large scalebroad scope delivers low-costflexibility. We contract out manufacturing to 900+ suppliers worldwide. With 20+ years of global sourcing experience200+ experts dedicated to procurement operations, we effectively have unlimited capacity, aren鈥檛 handcuffed to specific technology or equipment or tools.

  • We Perform Distribution Logistics Services

    With 100+ worldwide sales warehouse locations, we manage inventory, handle inbound outbound logistics, deliver when you need it. We seek to lower total system costs by consolidating inventory across the entire supply chain, including taking inventory off of customers鈥檉loors.

  • We Provide Extra Services Value-Added Offerings

    Our proven approach helps customers improve their net income by increasing sales, decreasing costs,improving productivity. We use our packaging product sservices to help drive your bottom line. Hybrid suppliers go far beyond what a classic manufacturer or distributor does. Hybrid suppliers embrace innovation, efficiency, a maniacal focus customer thrill.

Here's How We Work

We offer a wide range of services to meet all your packaging needs. Berlin Packaging is not a distributor. We鈥檙e not a manufacturer. And we鈥檙e not a packaging consultancy. Instead, we鈥檙e all of these things at the same time.

99% On-Time Delivery

Berlin Packaging Achieves 14 Years of 99% On-Time Delivery

Read the Press Release Here

On-Time Delivery of quality product is often cited as the most critical driver of supplier performance.

Berlin Packaging became the first supplier of rigid packaging to measure and publicly report its on-time shipping performance in 2004, and it remains the only company to reveal its on-time delivery statistics every quarter.

We are experts in inventory management and supply chain optimization. We are ready to show you how On-Time Delivery can help you make more money.

Quality Advocates for You

Building a competitive advantage through quality.

It's a Way of Life

When choosing a supplier, we know that most supply chain experts want on-time delivery of quality product. We鈥檝e built our business around this need.

Berlin Packaging鈥檚 Quality Service Division is equipped with the tools, knowledge and experience to help with packaging and production

Let's Get Started

Dedicated Experts

Our dedicated Quality Service Division ensures the supply chain is operating with quality in mind. Our Quality team has over 100 years of combined experience and has hands on knowledge of glass, plastic, and metal containers with direct links to the largest manufacturers in the world.

Extensive Capabilities
Berlin鈥檚 Quality Service Division has expert knowledge of all aspects of Quality System development and deployment.

Lean/Waste reduction assessments

Supplier scorecard/measurement consultation

Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) system assessment/consultation/creation

Efficiency assessments

5S implementation facilitation

Quality systems assessment and implementation

Kaizen event facilitation

Six Sigma/DMAIC project facilitation

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

consultation and implementation

8D problem solving facilitation

Gage R&R consultation

Specification development/consultation

Warranty system assessment and consultation/creation

Regulatory compliance consulting for food and pharmaceutical applications

Food Safety certification consulting

On-Site Testing Laboratory

In addition to using third-party labs, we have our own testing lab to ensure accuracy and speed.

Video microscope metrology (non-contact measurement)

Leak testing

Accelerated aging

ISTA drop testing

Container vibration testing

Induction-seal evaluation

Passion for Quality

The team has a passion for making sure that Berlin Packaging delivers consistent, high quality product. This includes helping ensure customer needs are clearly understood and matched with the right manufacturer.

Our Berlin Quality team is your advocate in the world of packaging quality.

World Class Design

  • Custom Glass Container Designs From Concept to Commercialization

    Our team will work with youthe start to fully understand your needsexpectations. They may also recommend helpful design ideassuggest manufacturing options. We accommodate all orders, largesmall,a minimum quantity of 500 units.

  • Base On Regular SKU Get Finish Processing Design

    Sourcingour regular 5000+ SKUs is the fastestmost cost-effective route to the market. You'll find a good choiceour product pages,we can offer spray coating, silk screen printing, frostedall finish processing service for your own brand.

  • Creating Your Individual Free design, 2 days drawing output

    We delivers world-class packagebrand design services at no chargeexchange for supply agreements. Our full-service design studio workstandem with our vast supply network to commercialize innovative packages that drive results.

  • Custom A Unique Glass Bottle or Jars, Make Your Brand Stand Out.

    You can make your feature bottles or jarsshape, size, color, closure, or decorative labeling. And customization will raise a perfect packaging for your own product.

Make Your Custom Glass Bottles Step By Step

#1 Sketching Your Glass Bottle Idea
Whether we're functioning from a sketch or we're using a sample of an additional container, or just discussing your concepts, we will be functioning patiently with you to comprehend your precise demands.

Our style group will certainly even more examine your needs and not just produce concepts that match your original short, however will also think about a practical rate as well as manufacturing choices and improvements to help manufacturing and also dental filling.

#2 Custom Glass Bottle Drawing
Once the design has been created, a bottle specification drawing is produced to define measurable features of the bottle, whilst observing the manufacturing limits. At this stage, we need to validate the technical specification prior to production.

Our cross-functional team of industrial designers and engineers is ready to assist with:
Bottle and closure design 
Dispensing and dosing systems 
Ergonomics and form factors 
3-D Modeling 
Rapid prototyping

#3 Making Custom Glass Bottle Molds
Molds are the key to realizing your ideas in glass. Berlin aim at offering a complete range of custom bottle molding and tooling services to match your required bottle shapes.

With its ability to supply molds, neck rings, and any other components required for the molding process, Berlin Packaging is your one-stop shop for all your container molding needs.

#4 Processing Glass Bottle Sample
Once the trial mold equipment is received and a suitable production slot is confirmed, we proceed to manufacture glass bottle samples to ensure that we are happy with the production and that it meets your requirements.

You will have the opportunity to test the samples down your filling line, label them and check their compatibility with the closure and secondary packing, before giving formal approval to proceed to bulk production.

#5 Custom Glass Bottle Manufacturing and Packaging
The manufacturing process begins with treated raw materials being fed into a melting furnace. When the mixture is melted it鈥檚 put into molds. The 鈥楤low and Blow鈥 or 鈥楶ress and Blow鈥 formation methods are used to form the bottles. =
After cooling, a rigorous quality inspection follows before careful packaging for delivery.

Professional Custom Glass Container Supplier
Designing custom glass bottles requires innovation, flexibility, and proper equipment. It would thus be best to seek the services of a well-equipped and experienced manufacturer that can meet your needs.

At Berlin Packaging, we have over 100 years experience in the business. Our world wide sourcing network is not limited by technology and capacity.

We are committed to providing you with the best custom glass bottles for your needs and a seamless service experience. The Berlin Packaging APAC team is always available to attend to your inquiries.

Thrilling Service

We Offer Services at No Charge in Exchange for Packaging Business

  • Turning Over Every Stone to Help You Make More Money

    We focuscreating superior returnsyour investments. Our consulting division, E3, will help you exceed your business goals by Enhancing both the Balance Sheet (Efficiency)the Income Statement (Earnings).

  • Funding Growth with 0 Interest Financing

    The "Bank of Berlin" can fund your growth, providedexchange for new packaging business. Helping you launch new products, enter new markets,upgrade or expand equipment.

  • Housing Millions of Square Feet of Inventory

    With 100+ saleswarehouse locations worldwide, 6+ million square feet of warehouse space,our vast experience with inventory management, we are ready to serve you.

  • Managing the Entire Packaging Supply Chain

    Berlin Packaging proactively tracks supplier on-time delivery, quality,service performance to mitigate service disruptions or non-conformance for customers.

  • Bringing Brands to Life On Shelf

    With your design or with helpour graphicsbranding team, we will decoratelabel your packaging for a truly special presentation.

  • Embracing the Highest Standards of Product Quality

    Berlin Packaging believes that a steadfast commitment to quality is the foundation for a superior customer experience.

  • Sourcing Productsa Vast Network of Manufacturers Globally

    We deliver in-specon-time shipments of global packaging solutions across all industriesmarkets. Our large scalebroad scope delivers low-costflexibility.

  • Creating Innovative Packaging Solutions Daily

    Studio One Eleven provides world-class packageproduct design, graphic design,branding strategy services geared to increase salesreduce total packaging costs for our customers.

Quantified Results

We quantify the value we bring to our customers.

We Have a Positive Income Impact on Our Customers

Over the last three years, we have added $200+ million of profit to the bottom lines of our customers.
Income gains come from lifting customer sales, reducing customer costs, and improving customer productivity.
Quantifying income added to customers is part of our ISO Certification.

Let's Get Started

Dedicated Experts

Our dedicated Quality Service Division ensures the supply chain is operating with quality in mind. Our Quality team has over 100 years of combined experience and has hands on knowledge of glass, plastic, and metal containers with direct links to the largest manufacturers in the world.

How Do Your Current Suppliers Perform?

Our team of Packaging Pros are ready to help grow your business.
Call 800.2.BERLIN to reach the nearest sales office. One Call Brings It All!

Full-Service Packaging Supplier

A Packaging Partner to Help You Become Greater, Faster

Berlin Packaging is the leading full-service supplier of plastic, glass, and metal containers and closures. Working with 900+ packaging manufacturers around the world, we supply billions of packaging items to companies of all sizes every year from our 100+ warehouses across North America, Europe, and South Africa. Our mission is to increase the net income of our customers through our packaging products and packaging solutions. We do this by increasing our customers鈥 sales, decreasing their expenses, and improving their productivity.

Turnkey Packaging Design and Packaging Innovation

Studio One Eleven, the custom packaging design and innovation division of Berlin Packaging, helps customer increase their market share and stand out on the shelf with a full suite of services offered at no charge in exchange for packaging business. From structural and product packaging design to branding and graphics, Studio One Eleven has a proven track record of creating innovative, profit-increasing custom packaging solutions across all applications for all market segments. And we don鈥檛 stop with pretty pictures; we follow our designs through manufacturing, inventory management, and consumer validation.

Execution You Won鈥檛 Find in Other Packaging Companies

When it comes to our packaging products and packaging services, we walk the talk with careful attention to your needs and with thorough execution. We quantify our performance around on-time delivery, in-spec product, and customer engagement. We relentlessly fine-tune our ISO-certified systems and processes to provide superior results to our customers. In fact, we even quantify how much more profit our customers earn as a benefit of working with Berlin Packaging. Our team is eager to prove how our packaging solutions and packaging services can elevate your business.