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Get the Total Package from One Stop Wholesaler

Source Products Around the World with Ease

Our Berlin Global Packaging Group is committed to delivering in-specon-time shipments of global packaging solutions across all industriesmarkets. We sourceall around the globe, including China, India, Europe, Australia,Vietnam. We have over 20 years of global sourcing experience100+ professional staff located worldwide.

If We Can't Find It, We Can Make It

We offer brandpackage design servicescustom tooling expertise to bring new packaging innovation to market. Qualified customers are eligible for design services at no chargeexchange for new packaging business.

Turnkey Decoration

From hand-applied labels to screen printing, we offer many solutions for decorating your package
FluorinationUV coating
Secondary packagingshippers


Manage multiple vendors
Assemblyfilled products
Complete inventory management

Wide Range of Products

We have a vast network of manufacturing partners worldwide offering a vast range of products for useany market. We offer:

Unlimited manufacturing platforms Purchasing powerscalability Factory partners that are qualified, consistent, and reliable Products that are well engineered On-site quality audits Delivered pricing; the price we quote is the price you pay On-time deliveryin-stock inventories in our local warehouses Comprehensive project management Designengineering capabilities Many money saving options

We Supply the Products You Need

We've been buyingselling packaging for over 100 years. We know how to get you what you need, when you need it 鈥 If it doesn't exist, we can handle that, too. We work with 900+ packaging manufacturers worldwide, with most of our products being madethe USA. We proactively track supplier on-time delivery, quality,service performance to mitigate service disruptions or non-conformance for our customers.

An Aligned Collaboration

Call it symbiosis, a positioning of interests, or rowing parallel. We call it excellent business. We bill you absolutely nothing for the layout solutions, but require that you purchase product packaging from us. We source product, manage quality, handle stock, as well as ship you product packaging exactly when you require it. We live the Anything is Possible mantra and know a mix of interest, creativity, and competence return extraordinary results.