Studio One Eleven delivers world-class package and brand design services at no charge in exchange for supply agreements. Our full-service design studio works in tandem with our vast supply network to commercialize innovative packages that drive results.


provides world-class packageproduct design, graphic design, branding strategy services geared to increase sales and reduce total packaging costs for our customers.

Decorating & Labeling

Berlin Packaging provides custom decorating solutions for clients of all specifications, start-ups to Fortune 500 companies as well as all shape size between.


Sourcing Productsa Vast Network of Manufacturers Globally We deliver in-specon-time shipments of global packaging solutions across all industries markets. Our large scalebroad scope delivers low-costflexibility.

Quality Management

Embracing the Highest Standards of Product Quality Berlin Packaging believes that a steadfast commitment to quality is the foundation for a superior customer experience.

Free Samples

We will provide a large number of samples for your reference

Supply Chain

Enjoy a Streamlined Supply Chain We have a large network of over 900+ qualified suppliers with wide variety of products.


Why Inventory Matters Inventory can represent 20 to 30 of a company鈥檚 total assets. These are dollars not investedsales people, product development, employee incentives, strategic acquisitions, or any of the other levers

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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your glass bottle and jar need, on-time and on-budget.

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